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It's All Good!

Elder Lily JenkinsIt's All Good! 
Written by Elder Lily Jenkins

We know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose. (Romans 8:28, NKJV)


Even though it may seem that you may be traveling aimlessly in this world, God does have a plan for you. Romans 8:28 is a message of hope. It declares that the future may appear to be obscure at times, but we must remain true to God's purpose. If we remain true, we will eventually reach our intended destination, our expected end. In other words, we might not be able to control what happens to us, but we must endeavor to have enough faith to know that all things are working together for our good and never break continuity with God's purpose for our lives. We have been given the ability to predict our outcome and not allow difficult circumstances to cause us to deviate from our purpose.

 To know that all things are working together for good is a difficult thought to embrace when circumstances are not favorable. Many times because people would rather use their own power to solve their problems by trying to control the outcome of their future. Instead we should become intimately aware of God's code of purpose so that we can experience the glory of God.
Know that every situation that happens in your life, whether good or bad, was set up that way so that you could be a testament of God's miraculous power to sustain you amidst all that has happened to you. Every choice that you made, every step that you took, every tear that you cried because of the failures that may have occurred, all did so that God still could get the glory out of it. You must trust that His plan is good, and He's got you right where He wants you. 


Selah-(Think on These Things)

  • Why do you think God takes situations that are not favorable and allow miracles to come out of it?
  • Do you feel that everyone is called according to God's purpose and plan? Why or why not?


In spite of my triumphs, shortcomings, and even failures, you continue to love me through my good and my bad. You've shown me time and time again, that I'm still within Your plan and purpose. For that I am grateful! I love You Lord, and I want You to reveal Your plan to me each day as I strive to go in the manner You would have me to go as I walk through this journey called 'Life.' As long as You are with me, I know I'm going the right direction. In Jesus' Name, Amen!



About the Author

Lily L. Jenkins is the Founder and CEO of Lily Jenkins Ministries and Vice President and Co-Founder of the Purpose Development Institute. Her role is to oversee all Certified Coaches to ensure that they are promoting the basic tenants of Purpose Development in their practices and that all satellite institutes are using training materials that include the basic tenants of the Purpose Development message. A woman with many qualifications, Mrs. Jenkins is a Certified Human Behavior Consultant, Christian Life Coach and the first female Certified Purpose Development Coach. She has over 14 years of teaching experience at all levels including the university level as a Professor. Read More Here...


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