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Heaven Is Watching!

Lynette HarrisonHeaven Is Watching!
Written By Lynette Harrison

Heaven is watching and listening to the testimony of mankind.  These are some troubling times in which we live for the leaders and followers; those in ministry and those not in ministry- these are some troubling times. 

Our lives presently reflect the choices and decisions we have made through the course of our time and journey on the earth.  The greatest thing that God has given us next to salvation is the freedom of choice...the right to choose our own course and destiny. We have a choice and yet, heaven is watching the choices and decisions we make daily.

We must make a conscious decision every day to walk with the Lord.  Jesus said that either we are for him or against him (Matthew 12:30).  There are no shades of grey.  In the book of Revelation He said that He wished that we (the church) was either hot or cold and not lukewarm (Revelation 3:14-18).  This is not to say that being cold or hot is being right or wrong- Jesus did not emphasize the cold, hot, or lukewarm of the believers' works, but  rather the stand that they have taken in and for His name.  This is the heart's place of alliance and agreement with God. Our works and words reflect our heart's alliance and agreement.

Compromise is the place of persuasion; or rather, persuasion is the path to compromise.  Persuasion and compromise attack the place of conviction and core beliefs.  What one believes and incorporates into daily living and practices, they cannot be persuaded to leave or renounce their allegiance, for in that they are fully persuaded.

In the Bible, Balaam was a prophet who was called on by the moabite King Balak to curse Israel (Numbers 22).  Notice that Balaam went and sought the Lord not the spirits. Also, notice that God acknowledges him as a prophet.  However, his reputation was that he was for sale.  Balak promised him riches, great honor, promotion, and favor (vs 17) and if it had not been for God opening his eyes to see the angel ready to kill him, he may very well have cursed Israel.  He was not a false prophet, he was a compromised prophet for hire who got into error. 

II Peter 2:15 says, "Forsaking the right way, they have gone astray [in error] having followed the way of Balaam, the son of Beor, who loved the wages of unrighteousness..." Jude says, "Woe to them!For they have gone the way of Cain, and for pay they have rushed headlong into the error of Balaam, and perished in the rebellion of Korah." 

Balaam got into error through his daily choices and decisions.  He became a prophet for hire.  His greed was so strong that he compromised what God told him- that Israel was blessed and taught the enemies of God how to weaken Israel and get them cursed...he died with the enemies of God in error.

Our everyday choices and decisions reflect our heart condition and meditation.  We see that through Balaam's choices and decisions, that what were once authentic, they became false through some serious character flaws, issues, and not keeping his desires and indulgences under control.

Remember that satan is an opportunist for evil and unrighteousness.  God's opportunities never come with the laying aside of your core convictions and beliefs, nor the laying aside of His Word.  God's opportunities do not corrupt your character - satan's does.  God's opportunities do not taint your spirit- satan's does. God's opportunities do not condemn your soul- satan's does.

In our everyday living and witness of Christ, let us choose life over death, blessing over cursing, and love over hate, for this reflects the true nature of Christ our Lord.  Our offices, ministries, and titles do not define us, but it is what God says about us that defines us in this life and the next.  Ultimately, what God says about us becomes our testimony, similar to His testimony of David, a man after His own heart.  This was not David's testimony, it was God's speaking and testifying about David.  The Lord's testimony for Balaam was that he taught a doctrine that placed a stumbling block before Israel in exchange for money. 

Saints, Heaven is watching! Strive to make right choices and decisions every day knowing in whom you have believed.  Be the difference to make a difference!

About the Author
Lynette Harrison is a native of Washington, D.C.  She is a student at Grand Canyon University majoring in Christian Studies with an emphasis on Pastoral Ministry.  Mrs. Harrison is the Founder and President of W.O.M.A.N. (Women of God On the Move Making a Difference Achieving Greatness Now) a non-profit organization with a mission of empowering women in their walk with Jesus Christ through workshops, conferences, biblical teaching and radio.  Mrs. Harrison is also is also the Founder and President of LH Enterprises which comprises other businesses that empower, provoke, and challenge the hearts and minds of people; in particular women. She resides in Baltimore, Maryland and is married to her high school sweetheart for twenty-three years.  They have six children, three girls and three boys.

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