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Dr. Lily Jenkins
Dr. Lily L. Jenkins is the CEO and Founder of the Lady of Purpose Network: The World’s Most Purposeful Network for Women. She trains and develops women, through her online platform and chartered chapters around the country, of how to turn purpose into their greatest resource. She leads the charge with her husband, Apostle Donald Jenkins, as the Co-Founders of the Purpose Development Institute. Her role, as Vice President, is to oversee all Certified Coaches to ensure that they are promoting the basic tenants of Purpose Development in their practices and that all satellite institutes are using training materials that include the basic tenants of the Purpose Development message.

A woman with many qualifications, Dr. Jenkins is a Certified Human Behavior Consultant, Christian Life Coach and the first female Certified Purpose Development Coach. She has over 16 years of teaching experience at all levels including the university level as a Professor.

Dr. Jenkins is a mentor for women, young and old. Her transparency is a catalyst for purpose that encourages others to remove their insecurities, break limitations and discover their God given purpose. Her life exemplifies how God can take a mess and transform it into a message for the Kingdom of God.

Being the first female Certified Purpose Development Coach, Dr. Jenkins is on the leading-edge for taking women to a new dimension of purpose. Her experiences and insight to purpose allows her to speak directly to the voids that women face in the 21st Century. She is gifted in using purpose in both domestic and entrepreneurial matters.

She is an ordained Elder with an affirmation to walk as an Evangelist and Teacher of the Gospel. She is covered by her husband, Apostle Donald E. Jenkins and their overseers are Apostle Mark Jones of The Center for Manifestation Church in Tampa, FL.

Dr. Jenkins is also an accomplished author of nine books; one of which awarded her as winner of the Pine-Sol Powerful Difference Contest. She was featured for her impact in the community with her anti-bullying campaign in Ebony Magazine, Dec./Jan. 2010 issue.

Churches, writing circles, schools, and community organizations have sought after Dr. Jenkins to motivate, encourage, and inspire today's youth & young adults. She is an advocate for using purpose to combat bullying among youth.

Dr. Jenkins has been featured as a writer on The Review Magazine, Internet Cafe Devotions, Written Magazine, Booking Matters Magazine, Inspired Women Magazine and Live Magazine, Sistah Talk and is now a contributing writer with, under the theme, Ladies of Purpose. Her story has been told during interviews that range from radio and TV in which she has been a guest on Atlanta Live, a TV show in metro Atlanta, and regional TBN.

She enjoys being a wife, mother and pioneer with her husband as they raise the bar of purpose for their marriage, family, ministry and business.

For ministry requests, contact 1-888-354-9970 or email To learn more about her role as it relates to purpose development and to become a member of the Lady of Purpose Network, visit

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