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Eat well!Diet and Exercise Tips for the New Year!
By George Sayed
Losing weight and having a better lifestyle is one of the most common New Year resolutions, especially for women. There are many diets and exercise routines available that it might become overwhelming with all the information available. The best way to lose weight is to keep things simple. With our busy lifestyles with work, school, family, and other obligations, losing weight should not be an added stress but it should become a lifestyle change.

For dieting, the best type of diet is to change your entire lifestyle habits of eating. When most people think of the word "diet", they think of a quick change in eating habits for a few weeks or a month. Most diet plans are fad diets where you would lose weight but gain it back just as quickly. The most important thing to do is cut out all junk foods and replace them with whole, natural foods. Junk foods include processed meals such as frozen dinners, candy, cookies, etc. Whole foods that your meals should consist of are chicken, lean meat, beef, steaks, eggs, milk, etc.

Instead of eating 2-3 big meals throughout the day, the best way to lose weight is eating smaller, frequent meals. Eating 5-6 smaller meals spread out throughout the day helps boost the metabolism and burn calories naturally throughout the day. The breakfast should also be the largest meal in the day because it is the first meal after not eating for hours and it helps kick the metabolism to work and gives energy for the rest of the day.

Exercise is also an important part of changing your lifestyle. Doing physical workouts is good to have the body running smoothly and to work efficiently. It is good to start with cardio workouts before jumping into weight lifting routines. A good way to get a base of cardio exercise is to have brisk walks 40 minutes to an hour a day at least for three times a week. Over time, you can add more frequency and eventually begin jogging.

For an experienced person, the best way to do cardio and burn fat is interval training. This is a high intensity workouts that is best done on an outdoor track. The workout consists of intervals between "work" and "rest" done for 20 minutes. It might not sound like a lot of time, but it will definitely bring results. This is good for an experienced athlete and something to note is that it brings stress to the joints so it is not good for someone who has chronic aches.

It is important to follow the correct diet and cardio workouts to get the most benefit to lose weight. Follow the simple changes to get the most out of 2013.

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