Inspirational Article Links

Prophetess Tarsha Campbell
Are you looking for down to earth practical information to help you understand your potential, fulfill your purpose, and reach your destiny? Then join success coach, Tarsha Campbell as she inspires you toward success!
Elder Alonia Jernigan
It's time to dream, wake up, and step into destiny! Join Elder Alonia Jernigan as she encourages you that your dreams can become reality.
Lynette Harrison
Be encouraged and empowered to live every day with focus, balance, and enjoyment! Lynette is hear to help inspire you to live the life of the Kingdom!
Elder Lily Jenkins
You are a woman of diving purpose! Join Elder Lily Jenkins as she helps you achieve a greater sense of purpose, power, and perfection for God's glory!
Dr. Geraldine "Mom" McInnis
Although Dr. Geraldine "Mom" McInnis now lives eternally in the presence of the Lord, she left us a rich source of wisdom and wholesome guidance through her articles  to nurture, heal, and make us well. Click the link above to enjoy these classic articles of legacy she left us!
Elder Lenore Artis
Get your Bible out and enjoy rich Bible lessons with Elder Lenore Artis. She provides practicle devotions to keep you motivated and inspired!
Evg. Nichelle Early
Sometimes you just need a little encouragement for your soul! Join Evangelist Nichelle Early, founder of as she gives you a practical word of encouragment!

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